Welcome to Your VIP Fencing Lesson

     You'll receive private instruction from U.S. National Fencing Champion, Robert Charles Piraino.  He'll teach you a brief history of the sport and the fundamental fencing movements, then you'll have a chance to gear up and duel with your partner.  Music City Fencing Club will provide all necessary equipment, and you'll receive a 'Certificate of Completion' to commemorate this unique occasion.

What You Need to Know

     Fencing is an age old sport with roots in every modern Olympic Games.  It takes a variety of skills, including speed, stamina, balance and strategy to become a world-class fencer, however it's a sport that virtually anyone can try no matter what your physical ability.  You will want to wear athletic pants, such as yoga pants, sweatpants, or track pants, a t-shirt of tank top, and sturdy sneakers to your lesson.  Despite using metal 'swords' to jab at your opponent, fencing has one of the lowest injury risks of any sport, however you'll still need to sign a waiver to participate.