New to Music City Fencing Club?


All students who are new to MCFC begin by taking Introductory Lessons with one of our experienced coaches. 
Contact us to schedule your first lessons.  Club Membership is not required to start.

BEGINNERS: If you’ve never fenced before or have less than six months experience, start with an Intro Package of private lessons.  You will learn proper fencing position, how to hold the weapon, how to make correct touches, and how to do a basic attack.  Complete your Intro Lesson Package and you’ll be ready to join our ongoing Group Classes safely and with confidence. Equipment is provided.
You can also attend a Fast Start Orientation before starting an Intro Lesson Package if you prefer.

  • Intro 4 Lesson Package - 4 Private Lessons (20 minutes each) to be completed within 1-2 weeks - $180

  • Intro 8 Lesson Package - 8 Private Lessons (20 minutes each) to be completed within 2-4 weeks - $320

INTERMEDIATE/ADVANCED: If you have more than 6 months of fencing experience and can demonstrate proper fencing techniques, start with one Introductory Lesson so our coach can assess your skill level and recommend the best training schedule for your goals and abilities.

  • Intro 1 Private Lesson - $45

All participants (and a parent/guardian if participant is under the age of 18) are required to complete & sign the USA FENCING TRIAL MEMBERSHIP FORM.


After completing your Intro Lesson Package, you can join Group Classes and start fencing with other students. Most students choose one of our Membership Packages because of the great value. However, you may take Group Classes and Private Lessons without a Membership Package discount.