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Intro to Fencing Competitions Meeting 

When:  Saturday, August 25th, 2018 10am-11:30am
We are hosting a meeting to introduce our fencers & parents to fencing competitions.  Music City Fencing Club already has dozens of fencers of all ages competing on the local, regional and national levels, but newer fencers will need some guidance when getting started.  This meeting is designed for parents & fencers who would like to learn more about the ins and outs of fencing competitions.  We will discuss equipment requirements, tournament types and schedules, how to register for events, and a variety of other related topics.  This is a very important informational meeting for parents whose child plans to participate in a competition this season, or may be interested in competing sometime in the future. 

We encourage all our fencers to participate in competitions. (as either a recreational or serious competitive fencer).  The reality is that your child doesn’t need to be a natural or ambitious athlete to enjoy competition. Competition will enhance your child’s joy of the sport, while learning important life lessons that can shape him or her into a mature, responsible person.

Another important piece of this discussion is how early children should start competing. While Y10 tournaments are open for children 10 and under, children as young as seven can begin competing in them. There are also some Y8 competitions, which are open exclusively to kids aged 6-8. It is essential for young fencers to understand how competition works, to be exposed to good fencers, start developing their sense of competition, and see where they stand in their own fencing. If you can prepare them beforehand to set their expectations at the right level, score a couple of touches, and most of all, enjoy themselves, they will have a great time at these early competitions. They may not be competing as often as they will when they’re older, but being a part of a tournament is an excellent learning experience for beginners.

We hope to see all of our new fencers & parents at this meeting, as we prepare to begin the 2018-2019 fencing season!  Our first competitions are just weeks away, and registration deadlines are fast approaching, so let's make sure we're prepared together.  If you cannot attend, but are interested in learning more about competitions, please contact Coach Piraino directly to schedule a meeting time to discuss this topic.