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 Music City Fencing Club offers a variety of programming suited for beginners to Nationally ranked athletes. Out of over 600 fencing clubs in the United States, we are the only club to have been selected as the USA FENCING Club of Excellence twice, proving that our experienced coaching staff are among the best in their field.  

Fencing is among the safest sports in the world, with one of the lowest injury risks among all sports.  Fencers also have the #1 highest core HS GPA among all NCAA athletes (Division I), and fencing is one of the top sports for college scholarships. In addition, fencers have the highest recruitment rate of any NCAA sport, between 22-30%.

      Our coaching staff has experience teaching all ages and ability levels, and has had success coaching athletes at the local, regional and national levels.  Fencing is safe, fun, and perfect for children, teens, and adults!




     Having fencing listed as an interest on your child’s college application could “make the difference between going to a ‘good’ college or university and a ‘great’ college or university.”[1]Fencing gives that extra advantage when applying to higher education.  Of course academia is important, but fencing gives the impression that the student is well-rounded on a whole additional level than most sports.

     Often referred to as “physical chess,” fencing is one of the few sports that exhibits a combination of physical prowess, mental acuity, and strategic thinking – and colleges eat this up.

     For example, Columbia University welcomes fencers with open arms by stating that … “Good colleges are looking for good students who will contribute to their college.  Each year, some straight A students with 1600 SAT’s are rejected by colleges (don’t worry, they get in someplace) because they have little to offer; they simply regurgitate information … they have no creative spirit.  The fencer is unique.  The fencer brings experiences that enrich the college, just as an accomplished poet or violinist do.  This is the type of person the Admissions Directors like to have represented in their stacks of applicants. Being a fencer is a distinct advantage for the college applicant.”[2]

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