Typical Cost: $60-$140/month

     Individuals who choose this program type are interested in the sport purely on a recreational level.  They just want to make new friends, and have fun fencing on a basic level while getting some general physical exercise.  They will typically attend a group class once or twice a week, and/or open fencing sessions periodically.  They prefer limited structure, and aren't interested in competing on a serious level or even at all.

youth developmental


Typical Cost:  $80-$140/month

     This program is designed for children ages 6-12 years old (youth) or 13-17 (teen) who are interested in learning the sport of fencing.  They may not be ready to start competing, but want to begin regular classes to prepare them for possible future competition.  These students will typically attend group classes once or twice per week.  They may attend open fencing sessions periodically or even a local youth competition to get an additional taste of what the sport has to offer.

Youth competitive

Typical Cost: $140-240/month

(does not include competitions fees, gear and travel coaching/expenses.)

     This program is designed for students ages 8-12 years old, and is for those who want to train seriously and begin regular local, regional, and national competition.  These students will typically attend two group classes per week, and take a monthly or weekly private lesson as well as attending open fencing sessions several times a month.  They usually attend at least one competition every/every other month.

     This program is for students ages 13-17 years old (teen) or 18+ (adult) who want to train and compete seriously.  These students will attend a minimum of two group classes/week, and take one private lessons/week.  They attend open fencing sessions at least twice per week, and generally attend competitions at least once per month.




Adult Competitive

Typical Cost: $240/month

(does not include competitions fees, gear and travel coaching/expenses.)