Private Lessons

In a private lesson, a fencer and coach can work on the tiny details of each technical element; from the simple basics such as a straight attack to more advanced combinations of complex movements such as multiple parries and attacks.  All these elements are executed in private lessons over and over, again and again, until they are a natural part of the student’s repertoire.

Instructors will also show the student how to develop his or her own approach and style.  Coaches can help fencers discover what strengths they have and what techniques work best for them.  A coach can also help the student pinpoint their weaknesses on the strip and develop a strategy to counteract them.  

Additionally, private lessons allow coaches to customize the learning for the skill level and individuality of the fencer.  Working one-on-one will enable the coach to spot weaknesses in technique more quickly and help the fencer work through them faster than in a group setting.  One-on-one lessons give the coach the time they need to break down and critique each movement for the individual fencer so that he or she learns the precise way to fence.  It can make the difference between being a decent fencer and a fantastic one!

Minimum Recommendations for Private Lessons

Beginner Fencers: 1-2 private lessons/week
Intermediate Fencers: 1-2 Private lessons/week
Advanced Fencers: 2-3 private lessons/week

Private lessons are approximately 20 minutes long, which allows for maximum focus and retention.  Students should arrive prior to their scheduled lesson time to allow for time to stretch and get ready.  Students who arrive to the strip after their scheduled lesson time, may forfeit their lesson.  Students who need to cancel or reschedule a lesson, must do so at least 24 hours in advance of the scheduled lesson time or it may be forfeited.    

     Fencers scheduling a lesson with us for the first time, should complete the form below.  Fencers who have taken lessons with us before should contact their coach directly to schedule a lesson.