Private Lessons

     Our private lessons are designed to focus on improving specific fencing related skills.  One of our coaches will work with you on refining your existing techniques and teaching you new ones.  Each lesson is customized just for you, and is designed around your current understanding and execution of fencing actions.  Private lessons are the perfect tandem to group classes and open fencing because they provide a deeper focus on the broader topics taught in group settings.  

  Competitive fencers should take a minimum of 1-2 private lessons each week for continued improvement.

    Private lessons are given by one of our certified coaches. Each lesson lasts for  20 minutes, and is available to both Club Members and Guest Members.  Students should arrive 10 minutes prior to their scheduled lesson to allow for time to stretch and get prepared.    

     Guests or fencers scheduling a lesson with us for the first time, should complete the form below.  Fencers who have taken lessons with us before should contact one of our coaches directly to schedule a lesson.