2018 Club of Excellence

 Music City Fencing Club offers a variety of programs suited for beginners to Nationally competitive athletes.  

Fencing is among the safest sports in the world, with one of the lowest injury risks among all sports.  Fencers also have the #1 highest core HS GPA among all NCAA athletes (Division I), and is also one of the top sports for college scholarships. In addition, fencers have the highest recruitment rate for any NCAA sport.

      Our coaching staff has experience teaching all ages and ability levels, and has had success coaching athletes at the local, regional and national levels.  Fencing is safe, fun, and perfect for children, teens, and adults!



Fencing in College

     Having fencing listed as an interest on your child’s college application could “make the difference between going to a ‘good’ college or university and a ‘great’ college or university.”[1]Fencing gives that extra advantage when applying to higher education.  Of course academia is important, but fencing gives the impression that the student is well-rounded on a whole additional level than most sports.

     Often referred to as “physical chess,” fencing is one of the few sports that exhibits a combination of physical prowess, mental acuity, and strategic thinking – and colleges eat this up.

     For example, Columbia University welcomes fencers with open arms by stating on their website that … “Good colleges are looking for good students who will contribute to their college.  Each year, some straight A students with 1600 SAT’s are rejected by colleges (don’t worry, they get in someplace) because they have little to offer; they simply regurgitate information … they have no creative spirit.  The fencer is unique.  The fencer brings experiences that enrich the college, just as an accomplished poet or violinist do.  This is the type of person the Admissions Directors like to have represented in their stacks of applicants. Being a fencer is a distinct advantage for the college applicant.”[2]

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About MCFC


FOunded in 2014

Music City Fencing Club was founded by our Head Coach, Robert Piraino, in 2014. Robert moved to Nashville in 2011, and noticed the lack of competitive fencing clubs in the area. He began giving fencing lessons to a few students out of some rented gym space, and by 2015 decided it was time to open a permanent fencing club in Nashville. Music City Fencing Club opened our own dedicated facility in October of 2015, with just 5 students. Over the course of the next three years, we grew our membership to 100 fencers, and introduced the sport to hundreds of others. Our club was recognized as the 2018 Club of Excellence by USA Fencing for our rapid membership growth and retention rates. Members of our club have achieved a variety of accomplishments in the sport, such as earning national medals, regional recognition, national ratings, and NCAA fencing scholarships. We are dedicated to continually growing the reach of the sport across Middle Tennessee, and developing top-tier athletes and coaches.

Coach Piraino has a way of breaking down movements and actions so that you understand them the first time. He has a tremendous knowledge in the sport of fencing.”
— Joshua Baravarian, Educator
The Olympic sport of fencing provides a well-rounded form of mental and physical exercise essential for total health and wellness.
— Diamond and Lee, 2011
Music City Fencing Club inspires athletes to maximize their potential and achieve their personal goals.
— Dennis Kolakowski, International Coach & Referee
Even in Nashville, where you’re probably more likely to be hit with a lawn dart than a foil, a growing crowd is adopting [fencing] as a fitness exercise and as a sport for high-level competition.
— Erin G. Edwards, Nashville Scene